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JVC 1.5 Lux 2/3" 3-CCD Dockable Professional Video Camera

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PCI's Actual KY-27B 
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PCI's Actual KY-27B

"JVC's KY-27 2/3" 3-CCD Professional Video Camera sets the standard by which all other cameras of its type are measured."

The KY-27 sets new standards for sensitivity, resolution and image quality.  At its heart is JVC's new high performance 2/3-inch IT CCD packing 360,000 pixels (effective) with a micro-lens over each pixel for maximum sensitivity and minimum vertical smear.  Sophisticated image processing circuits and a host of electronic innovations guarantee perfect pictures, reliability and ease of operation, whether in the studio or in the field.

Our personal experience with this camera has been that not only has the KY-27B met its impressive technical specs, but it has proven to have consistently exceeded them.  You won't believe the picture quality . . . under any condition . . .it's truly unrivaled!  Where other 3-CCD cameras reproduce near Black & White images in Low Light, the KY-27B reproduces every color in the natural environment, as seen by the naked eye.  If we were staying in this business . . .we would never have parted with this incredible piece of equipment.

Since we purchased the KY-27B we were able to immediately rise above our competition and practically double our prices for delivering services of a quality no one else could compete with.

The Working Condition of all three components is excellent as is their cosmetic appearance.